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Coffees and Specialty Drinks              12oz and 16oz

Cricket's Blend Drip Coffee        

Joebella sourced only found at Cricket's A Cricket's perfect 9 blend roast that is a nice and easy drinking coffee but still gives you a nice kick for the finish. - $1.75/2.00/2.25

Americano - $2.75 +tx

Cafe Au Lait - $3.00/3.50 +tx

Cappuccino-Wet - $3.75/4.00 +tx

Macchiato - $3.75/4.00 +tx

 Latte - $3.75/4.00 +tx

Mocha - $4.00/4.25 +tx

White Mocha - $4.00/4.25 +tx

 Flavored Latte - any flavor - $4.00/4.25 +tx

 Spiced Chai  - $4.00/4.50 +tx

Vanilla Chai - $4.00/4.50 +tx

 Dirty Chai - $5.00/5.00 +tx

 Hot Tea - $2.25 +tx

Iced Coffee - $2.00/2.25 +tx

Hot Chocolate - $2.25/2.50/2.75 +tx

Double Shot Espresso - $2 +tx

Steamer any flavor - $2.50/3 +tx

Add flavor shot for .25 cents +tx

Almond and soy milk $1.00 extra +tx

Big Kid Section

Offering Central Coast Brewing on Tap

 SLO Blond Lager

Monterey Pale Ale

 Head Over Peels

General Schwarz Black Lager

(Styles may vary due to supply and demand)

Central Coast Brewing in Cans

Cervantez - Amber Lager

A La Tart - Passion Fruit

Generla Schwarz - Black Lager

Coconut Schwarz - Black Lager

(Styles may vary due to supply and demand)

Bottled Beers

Deschutes Porter

Hanger 24 Orange Wheat


Lagunitas IPA

Bud Light


Coors Light

Wine / Sake

2014 Conundrum White Wine

 2014 Skyfall Cabernet Sauvignon

Columbia Valley

 2012 Argyle Brut Rose

 2015 Minuty Rose

 2014 Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay

 Alakey Soju Sake

 Assorted Selections available.

Prices vary

Silver Horse


The Rest

An Assortment of Drinks to fit EVERYONE

Dr. Pepper


Diet Coke

Cherry Coke

Mexican Coke in the Bottle

Mexican Squrt in the Bottle



Red Bull



Apple Juice

Perrioe Water

Peace Tea

Call (805) 460-7575 from 7a – 4p daily

Text crickets to 33733 to order

or go online to

Holy Crickets, one of the best fresh sandwiches I have had in quite a while!
— Frank S.
The ambiance was great . . . tables covered in butcher paper with an offering of crayons . . . perfect family place.
— Lisa G.
Absolutely love this place!!! I have had so many different things and not one I didn’t love. One of my new favorite places in town!! You can order ahead of time online or they have an app for your phone! Great breakfast burritos, scones, muffins, sandwiches and chili!!!
— Marie R.
So glad Cricket’s is here in Atascadero! Their sandwiches are delicious, and don’t even get me started on their baked goods! Turkey Tom is my favorite sandwich so far, and love that you can order ahead on their app!
— Miss C.
I came to check out Cricket’s today on an empty stomach. Because I can’t have gluten I was a little apprehensive to try it without knowing in advance if there was anything I could have. I tried it and wasn’t disappointed. There is both Brian’s Bread sourdough (made with a traditional starter in the traditional method) and Udi’s gluten-free bread. The chips are Kettle Brand (most of which are gluten-free). The owner had a friend whose son has Celiac’s so she’s knowledgeable. The sandwich was good sized and filling. I will be back.
— Heather A.
Been here a few times for breakfast. Really good breakfast burritos and my kid loves the cinnamon roles. Cool they cover the tables in paper so kids can draw on them. Good find here in atascadero!
— Mike E.
Wow, this was one delicious sandwich. My husband and I both ordered the Le Talliano. It was so fabulous. Very flavorful, very meaty and the perfect crunch. I was blown away. I wished they had a soda fountain, as that would be so much cheaper for them and the customer. The ambiance was great... tables are covered in butcher paper with an offering of crayons...Perfect family place. I am very excited to go back and try the other creations, or try some quiche which looked amazing.
— Lisa G.
This is a great lunch place. The dining room is very comfortable. It’s a nice place to come to get a little peace away from the office.The two ladies who were working were very nice, one prepared the food, the other ran the front of the house. I created my own sandwich, Turkey and pepper jack on whole wheat with extra sprouts. I asked for the bread toasted and they said they always serve it toasted. They also use shredded lettuce, my favorite. The food quality is excellent, no pressed and formed meat, and artisan breads. The breakfast menu also looks tempting, I will definitely be back to try it.
— Tess S.
My new favorite lunch spot in town! Awesome sandwiches! I had the Cali, and it was packed full of turkey and fresh veggies... Def get your $$$ worth for a great sando
— Emily B.

Catering Options with Cricket's


For catering call 805-460-7575 or email

Prices will vary for custom catering orders. 

Growing Green.JPG


$65 plus tax            

6 – ½ TBA, Growing Green or Roast Beast

6 – bag of chips



$110 plus tax 

6 - ½ TBA, Growing Green or Roast Beast

6 – side Pasta or Potato salad

6 - Bag of chips

6 – cookies

Green Salad.jpg


 $155 plus tax

6 - TBA, Growing Green or Roast Beast

6 – side Pasta or Potato salad

6 - Bag of chips  

3 – Large Green Salads to share

6 – cookies


Kellie Adams (a.k.a. Cricket) loved managing a coffee shop in Shell Beach as a young adult and dreamed of having her own coffee shop one day.

With many friends in the restaurant business she knew this would be a crazy and exciting journey to come but she was ready for the challenge. She knew she had something special once she got a hold of her Grandmas cook book and was ready to take off running.

Cricket has always felt, growing up she had the most magical childhood and so thankful for the memories she will always have. As a kid Cricket was a picky eater which made it a pain sometimes. But with things like grandmas potato salad that no one could do but her or mom's breakfast burrito that never tasted the same if mom didn't make it it made the food Nanny (her Mom) cooked for her growing up and all the goodies grandma made that made grandmas house something that could never be forgotten she just wanted everyone else to get a taste of the life she had as a child.

Cricket's Deli opened in the old Colby Jack's deli space in October 2016. The deli is lovingly staffed and managed by friends and family. We hope you feel right at home here! Cricket's deli is a dream come true!


Cricket's Deli 


Monday thru Saturday 7am-4pm

Why Wait Till Sunday 7a-2p EVERY Saturday 

9700 El Camino Real Suite 104

Atascadero, CA 93422



Call (805) 460-7575 from 7a – 4p daily, or pre-order online at CHOWNOW